Toss Woollaston Exhibition

Viewpoints - Tasman Bay and Kaiteriteri

Toss Woollaston Exhibition: Viewpoints - Tasman Bay and Kaiteriteri at Atkins Gallery

Toss Woollaston Exhibition: Viewpoints - Tasman Bay and Kaiteriteri at Atkins Gallery

Toss Woollaston Exhibition: Viewpoints - Tasman Bay and Kaiteriteri at Atkins Gallery, Founders Heritage Park

Art enthusiasts and collectors, mark your calendars! The Atkins Gallery in Founders Heritage Park is set to host an exclusive exhibition titled "Viewpoints - Tasman Bay and Kaiteriteri," showcasing the distinguished works of Toss Woollaston, Nelson/Tasman region's most esteemed artist. Renowned for his pivotal role in New Zealand art history and as a pioneer of European modernism in the 20th century, Woollaston's exhibition is a much-anticipated event for both local and national art communities.

A Glimpse into Woollaston's Artistic Genius

The exhibition will feature a remarkable collection of Toss Woollaston's works, primarily focusing on his watercolour masterpieces. Visitors can expect to immerse themselves in the captivating landscapes of Tasman Bay, the rugged beauty of Mt Campbell (Brownacre), the serene vistas of Mt Arthur, and the picturesque Horoirangi (Glenduan). Additionally, the exhibition includes some of Woollaston's depictions of Auckland (Tamaki Makaurau), offering a broader perspective of his artistic range.

In addition to these watercolours, the exhibition also presents an array of Woollaston's drawings. Notably, a pencil sketch of Tasman Bay and an early portrait of the famous local identity Eelco Boswijk will be displayed, providing a unique insight into Woollaston's artistic process and his connection to the local community.

Artworks for Sale

For art collectors and enthusiasts, this exhibition offers a unique opportunity. All displayed artworks are available for purchase, allowing admirers of Woollaston's work to own a piece of New Zealand art history. The gallery also provides a convenient service for packing and sending artworks around New Zealand, ensuring that these treasures can be safely added to personal or institutional collections.

Event Details

The exhibition opens with a function from 5 to 7pm on Saturday, the 3rd of February, offering an intimate experience with Woollaston's works. For those interested in presales or seeking more information, contact the gallery at 021842481 or via email at

"Viewpoints - Tasman Bay and Kaiteriteri" will run from the 3rd of February until the 2nd of March 2024. Gallery opening hours are Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm, Sundays from 12 pm to 4 pm, and other times by appointment.

A Must-Visit Exhibition

This exhibition is a must-visit for anyone interested in New Zealand's art history, European modernism, or simply looking to experience the breathtaking landscapes of the Nelson/Tasman region through the eyes of one of its most celebrated artists. Woollaston's ability to capture the essence of the local scenery with vibrant colours and bold strokes makes each piece a testament to both his artistic prowess and his deep connection to the land.

Don't miss this opportunity to witness the legacy of Toss Woollaston and the beauty of New Zealand's landscapes at the Atkins Gallery in Founders Heritage Park. It promises to be an enriching and unforgettable experience for art lovers of all backgrounds.