Wood Type Poster Printing: Youth

24th April

Wood Type Poster Printing: Youth

Wood Type Poster Printing: Youth

Get Your Hands Inky: Wood Type Poster Printing Workshop for Young Creatives!

Are you ready for an adventure into the world of typography and print? Mark your calendars for Wednesday, 24th April 2024, because The Armarie Room is hosting a dynamic Wood Type Poster Printing Workshop exclusively for young creatives! Dive into the mesmerising process of printmaking, where you'll get your fingers inky and your creativity flowing.

A Morning and Afternoon of Creativity and Fun

This isn't your average arts and crafts session; it's a hands-on dive into the world of artistic printing with sessions running from 9.30am to 11.30am and then again from 1.30pm to 3.30pm. Whether you're a morning person or an afternoon explorer, there's a slot with your name on it.

Unleash Your Inner Artist with Vintage Wood Type

Have you ever seen those quirky, vibrant posters and wondered how they're made? This workshop is your chance to find out and create your own! You'll get to play with our beautiful collection of wooden type, discovering the joy of turning simple letters into stunning artwork. It's a chance to get creative with typography, experimenting with different sizes, fonts, and layouts to make something truly unique.

Press to Impress: Printmaking with a Heritage Press

The highlight of the workshop? You'll be using one of our oldest heritage presses to bring your designs to life. This cast-iron gem is not only a piece of history but also a lot of fun to operate. With a handle to crank and a big lever to pull, you'll feel like a printmaking pro as you press your design onto paper. The best part is the moment of reveal, where you get to see your creation for the first time—a magical experience every time.

Bring Your Words to Life

To make your poster truly your own, we encourage you to bring along a favourite quote, phrase, or any inspiring text (5 - 8 words recommended). Imagine printing your favourite quote in a way that's all your own, creating a piece of art that's both personal and shareable.

Small Group, Big Creativity

This workshop is all about learning in a fun, friendly environment. You'll be in a small group, which means you'll get plenty of hands-on help and the chance to meet other young artists like yourself. It's a great way to make new friends, learn a new skill, and express your creativity.

Take Home More Than Just Memories

At the end of the workshop, you'll have not just new skills and maybe a few new friends, but also your very own beautifully printed poster. It's not just a piece of paper; it's a piece of art that you created, ready to be hung on your wall, gifted to a friend, or shown off to family.

So, if you're keen to dive into the world of print, get a little inky, and unleash your creative potential, this Wood Type Poster Printing Workshop is the perfect place to be. Let's make some art, have a ton of fun, and create something you'll be proud to show off. See you there, young creatives!