CHONA - The Complete History Of Nelson (Abridged)

CHONA - The Complete History Of Nelson (Abridged)

CHONA - The Complete History Of Nelson (Abridged)

Unleash the Laughter Tornado at Whakatū's Hottest Show! 

Venue: The Energy Centre, Founders Heritage Park

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride through the pages of history as Gregory Cooper's brainchild, a hair-raising, side-splitting, tongue-in-cheek spectacle, takes center stage for a mind-blowing 80 minutes at The Energy Centre. Brace yourselves – it's like putting your whakapapa in a spin dryer on full blast!

Meet the Wizards: Doug Brooks, Donna Botha, and the mastermind himself, Greg Cooper, will guide you through the epic journey of Nelson, Whakatū's history. They're the sorcerers of hilarity, weaving magic through the city's tales.

Fasten Your Seat Belts: Hold on tight and pack extra rubber bands for your jaw because the laughter, learning, and love for our city will burst out of the Energy Centre in December! This isn't just a show; it's a joyride through time.

Show Times:
- Tuesday: 7pm
- Wednesday: 7pm
- Thursday: 7pm
- Friday: 7pm
- Saturday: 7pm
- Sunday: 4pm

Duration: 80 minutes of non-stop fun!

Ticket Prices:
- Adult: $35
- Under 18: $15

Special Note: If you miss this, you might as well forget how to breathe! Beat the blues of the fiscal downturn with affordable tickets that make it a family affair. The Professional Theatre Company, Whakatū, Nelson, promises a show that'll linger in your memory.

Don't just live, laugh, and learn – join the spectacle that's rewriting the city's story! This is not just a suggestion; it's a command – mark your calendars, secure your tickets, and be part of the unforgettable spin at The Energy Centre! 

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