Educational Resources

Founders Heritage Park has a range of activities for you to pick from depending on how much time you have available and the interests of your class.  We recommend that you choose a range of activities, split your class into smaller groups and to rotate round the activities,  Each activity has a resources pack with everything you will need to complete the activity.

Activity 1 :  Maths within the Church. Exploring the shapes students see in the Church

Activity 2:  Photos - Differences from now and thenUse the wedding photos in the Church to explore differences between life in 1900s and now.

Activity 3:  The Armarie Room.  Learn about printing with hands on activities in the Nelson Mail Printery.

Activity 4:  The General Store.  Explore the difference between old and new items.

Activity 5:  The Fire Station.  Re-enact the Great Fire of Nelson

Activity 6:  Wood Work Activity:  Get hands on with traditional woodworking tools. (under development)

Activity 7:  Railway Station:  Take a ride on the train and explore the model train set

Activity 8: Maritime Museum: Use a compass to follow a treasure hunt and learn about transportation of early settlers and explorers.

Activity 9:  Maritime Knot Activity:  Learn how to tie knots

Activity 10:  The Plane:  Discover how the design of the plane contributed to the development of our economy and society.

Activity 11: Bikes:  Understand the impact the bicycle has had.

Activity 12:  The Forestry Industry:  Explore the changes in technology and understand the cultural significance of the forest from a Māori Perspective.

Activity 13:  The Night Soil Man & Sewage: Discover the events that led to the development of wastewater systems and sewage treatment plants.

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